Grade 12


May 21, 2004

Grad was sooo fun! Once we got there, that is. Heh. All of this week has been leading up to it, really. I haven’t had time to write much, but this is more or less all that happened:

Monday: Got a haircut and went shopping last minute for grad necklace and earrings; Tuesday: Skipped multimedia, and was an accessory to Katie’s ‘English classroom theft’ (we took back my visual essay because I wanted it and I may or may not see Mrs. Wyvill ever again); After school, went to Kathy Thiessen’s house to experiment with grad hairstyles—Erika from Underworld style is GO; Gilmore Girls season finale; congregational meeting; 24; Wednesday: Again, skipped multimedia, went to Katie’s house to get pictures and fruit loops, back to school, played cards in cafeteria; Thursday: Grad! Freaked out! Ahh! Frantically called Corene to come over and do my make-up and braids, she was my hero of the day! Mom curled hair, must admit it looks better now that it’s shorter.

The banquet was great. So much better than I’d thought it would be. Seeing everyone all dressed up was super fun and everything went pretty well. I realized when I got home that I didn’t even see Rex all evening, which was fantastic. Yup, it was fun. Still, it’s good to have it all over and done with!




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