Colette Rhodes


It’s a Secret Place

June 11, 2020

that our souls alone are safe.
A place where we can stay,
and watch the world go by,
and we’ll stand alone in time
Owen had to go back to the hospital after…


The World Was On Fire

May 2, 2020

And no one could save me but you
Today I have been writing in this blog for twenty years. I was always a journaler but it was May 2nd, 2000,…


Waste My Youth Chasing Kites

February 1, 2020

I know will blow out of my hand
These days, the word “perfectionist” is negative. Perhaps it’s because I think of myself as a perfectionist that I really notice it everywhere—…


Too Many Things Held Precious

December 11, 2019

Too many things held dear.
“There has to be more” on one hand,
“Keep your head above water” on the other.
Surprise, another post about motherhood. Even when I try to write…

Theology Reflections

The List Goes on Forever

September 20, 2019

of all the ways I could be better
      in my mind
As if I could earn God’s favour, given time
Back when I was still agonizing over figuring out my Enneagram type,…