Grade 12


May 23, 2004

This long weekend would be so much cooler if I weren’t stuck with a cold for it. Guhh. Anyways! Yes, like I said, things have been good for the most part. Yesterday I went with Cailee and Angie to Tim Hortons for a hot chocolate and then we just hung out at the church for a few hours before the service started. It was fun, I love them.

After church Alex picked me up along with Mark and Florence and Kim and Kristine and Jen and Crystal and we went to see Shrek 2 for her birthday. That movie is freaking hilarious! Better than the first one I must say, although not in the plotline area. Still, you don’t see a movie like Shrek for an intense and unpredictable plot, you see it because it’s freaking hilarious, which it is, so… yeah!

Kristine and Jen and I played cards while we were in the looong (timewise) lineup for the show. Aw, Jen… so subtle… so spy-like in her excessive cheating. I love it. And I was freely able to shove popcorn in my face the entire time, since I have no reason to lose ten pounds anymore; grad is over (finally, and though it was fun it was almost anti-climatic) and Kristen called her wedding off. It sucks, but if it’s for the best then of course I support her decision.


May 25, 2004



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