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The Prime Time of Your Life

December 31, 2020

Now, live

Well, I can’t not remark upon this year. There won’t be any shortage of commentary in the years to come but 2020 was different for everyone even though…


The World Was On Fire

May 2, 2020

And no one could save me but you
Today I have been writing in this blog for twenty years. I was always a journaler but it was May 2nd, 2000,…


Waste My Youth Chasing Kites

February 1, 2020

I know will blow out of my hand
These days, the word “perfectionist” is negative. Perhaps it’s because I think of myself as a perfectionist that I really notice it everywhere—…

Theology Reflections

The List Goes on Forever

September 20, 2019

of all the ways I could be better
      in my mind
As if I could earn God’s favour, given time
Back when I was still agonizing over figuring out my Enneagram type,…


I Lost My Balance

September 13, 2019

when I needed it most
This blurry photograph is proof—
Of what I’m not sure
but it feels like truth
Last month our realtor invited us to a “family fun at the zoo”…


Is That Courage or Faith

September 8, 2019

to show up every day
To trust that there will be light
after the darkest of nights
Say what you want about the Enneagram but you have to love it if only…


All I’ve Felt Was Leading to This

July 27, 2019

For I have never known completeness
    like being here.
Here is true peace.
   Here my heart knows calm.
It’s a beautiful summer here, home with my boys, taking it easy, visiting & having…



March 15, 2016

I don’t like rollercoasters. I remember one time at the Stampede as a kid, my mom wanted to ride a rollercoaster but my brother wasn’t tall enough. My dad…

2012 Reflections

Nothing is Impossible

August 19, 2012

My week of daycamp and vacation is over now, and I would like another. I just love daycamp, but it has changed a bit since the last time I…

2011 Theology

On M’a Dit Que Nos Vies

April 11, 2011

Ne valent pas grand chose,
Elles passent en un instant, comme fanent les roses
This weekend felt long and centering with a healthy dose of perspective. I am thankful.

I was lucky…