I’m Trying To Keep Cool

February 13, 2011
But everyone here likes you.
   I’m not the only one.

Life is… busy. Life is very fun, but life is busy. The weekend before last I spent almost entirely with Tom’s family and then my family, which was real nice. I finally got to meet Shelley who was in town and really like her, and we (barely!) made it to church to hear Bob’s sermon on Sunday. A few days before that I saw Jeff’s Shakespeare play and was pretty impressed overall. They had strong leads, which is key. I enjoyed it.

And then this last weekend I broke my near-quarter-century run of not having been to Edmonton! (Like Christine said: Oh the things we’ll do for a guy we like!) But it was worth it; I had a fantastic time. It’s fun to stay with Shaun and Claire, especially because in the morning you can hear Declan in his room making his little engine sounds and it is adorable and funny. They made us pizza and I met Colin (who knows Chad!) and we watched Hook. Fun times! The next day was Noel’s birthday party but I am afraid of playing paintball so I just watched. Afterwards we went for dinner and I met Tom’s brother Matt and his lady Kate. That was a great dinner, I love those guys!

Also, I played Pandemic for the first time and thought it was pretty sweet, so I’ll be playing more of that since it seems to be becoming a Settlers stand-by among the church friends. I’m cool with that!

Robot vs. Humans on Jeopardy this week. Psyched!


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