January 31, 2011
I feel it in my soul,
     It’s gonna pick you UP
  when you’re feeling low (way low).

Grandma’s birthday two Saturdays ago was so much fun. Partying with the family is the best! For the main part we all sat in a huge circle and laughed about our favourite grandma memories. Mike and mom and Grandma recited Sam McGee and then Mike and I did The Raven. It was great, I messed up one line near the end and we all started laughing! So fun.

Later, when almost everyone was gone, I was up with Julie and uncle Derek and we were singing as many Green Bay campfire songs as we could remember. It was amazing, I can’t even describe… Whenever I sing those songs with other people, I’m completely left hanging at the parenthetical “Hey!”s and “Yeah!”s, but not with Julie, who learned those songs literally as I learned them. (And remembers them.) Awesome. I am so on board with getting together with more Green Bay people, more guitars, and having a massive jaunt down memory lane. Green Bay campfires… the most precious times of my childhood.

These last two weeks overall have been most excellent because I have been able to see Tom almost every day! The times are exciting; I’m in love. I spent almost all weekend at Tom’s house hanging out with his parents and Shaun and Claire and their cute little guy. It was so great. At night we watched the whole five-hour Pride and Prejudice; awesome. So well done. Mrs. Bennet makes me laugh in every scene she’s in.

After breakfast with the McAvoys and hanging out a little more with Tom, I had some time with my own beloved parents and then went to bible study. Awesome weekend? Awesome weekend.




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