Taran what a special boy! He was the culmination of phase one of my show dali project. All his ancestors for four generations (30 dogs!) are SGCh titled and so is he! Taran was named for the character in The Book of Three which I was reading at the time he was born. 

Name: SGCh. Rho’s Coming of Age (Taran
DOB: December 18, 2020
Points/average: 34 (4.25)
Lineage: Kiev x Esme

Show Record:
Salem’s EBW Dali Show #3 @WW – BIS
Salem’s EBW Dane Show #3 @WW – 1st
Salem’s EBW Tamsin Show #1 @WW – 1st
Salem’s Standard Dane Show #3 – 1st
Commander’s EBW Profile Show #136 – BIS
Salem’s Standard Dane Show @WW #3 – 2nd
Arie’s EBW dane show #181 – BIS
Arie’s standard dane show #102 – 1st

SGCh. on 24-Jan-21