Here are some things I made for your petz enjoyment 🙂

Christmas 2022 Toy Bundle [P4]

download ]

Christmas 2021 Toy Bundle [P4] 

download ]

Christmas Lights [P4]
Different colours of lights! These overwrite the originals so keep a backup!
[ download ]
Fall Decor Vases [P4]
Bring on the sweater weather in your Petz house with some nice fall decor!
download ]
Pink Tulip Seeds [P4]
So proud of these, really! My first toy hex.
They show up separately from the yellow tulips so you can grow them both!
download ]
Halloween Bundle [P4]
A pack of halloween toys, boo!
Credit to Mythic Silence for bringing the babyz cookie turtle into Petz!
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Moody Scenes [P4]

These are just a few atmospheric editor scenes (not overwrites – they will show up in “custom scenes” and don’t have interactions… but they have VIBES.)

[ download ]

Moody Botanical Study [P4]

Thank you SO much to Celia for these awesome assets (stone fireplace & rug) and Amanda for her family room kit!!! And thank you Celia for working your magic and making this scene work in the Petz palette!

[ download ]

Halloween Family Room [P4]

Invite your friends over for a SPOOKY FIRE!

[ download ]

Autumn Yard [P4]

Things are cooling off in this autumn yard! This scene overwrites the backyard so keep a backup!

[ download ]

Winter Kitchen [P4]

Add in some decor and this scene will make your pets feel winter fresh and cozy!
Day and night versions available.
[ Daytime Winter Kitchen ]  [ Nighttime Winter Kitchen ]

Christmas Evening [P4]

Christmas in the family room with a new big tree! Both the scene and the tree overwrite so keep backups of your originals!
[ download ]

Spring Yard [P4]

Show your cuties the delightful blooms of spring in the other half of the backyard!
[ download ]

Family Room Remodel [P4]

The family room gets a facelift! This scene overwrites the original family room.
[ download ]

Snowy Yard [P4]

The usual Petz backyard except in winter! This is how my yard looks for half the year ugh.
download ]

Modern Kitchen [P4]

If like me you find the stylistic miasma of the default kitchen a lot to handle, try out this modern kitchen! All cabinets, windows etc. are functional!
This scene overwrites the original kitchen.
download ] [ night time version ]

Hex Bases

Bunny Base
I’m hardly the first person to find the original bunny file very lacking so here’s my take on a cute-ification! Hex-paint and mod as you please 🙂
[ download ]

Breeding Overwrites

Dane-eared Chi
A chihuahua overwrite that has great dane ears (a bit bigger than they are when naturally-occurring.)
All colour/marking variations intact.
download ]


Normal Eyes Alley
An alley cat overwrite that has normal catz eyes so you can breed fangs onto your mixies without goofy eyeballs.
All colour/marking variations intact.
download ]


Re-imagined Scottie
Just a re-imagining of the Scottie to add some new life into breeding. It has secret spots too!
download ]


Re-imagined Dachshund
Didn’t you always want a fuzzy dachshund with a dali face? That’s what I thought.
download ]


Cream & Sandy Spots
Pretty niche overwrite I guess, it’s just a dali with cream spots in the front and sandy spots in the back. Makes some pretty nice effects when used for mixies though!
download ]

Downloadable Petz

Thomasins— kind of like tamsins but different! Really just the name I gave to the simultaneous occurrence of the following traits in a dalmatian:

  • Fuzzy coat
  • Spots
  • Fluffy tail
  • Two-toned (halfie)

Here are some examples of Thomasins you can download if you like!