Calico patched Velveteen litter! All the sleek beauty of the B+W but with the sweet floppiness of a Persian— aka perfection. These kitties are all siblings but their colours have been brexed. Also they do not breed true for velveteen babies so don’t adopt them as breeding stock 😂 In fact, this is a Natural Raising litter in celebration of Bunni’s new site Soleil!

These are not freebies, they will be given to the owner whose application is the best fit!

  • Please naturally raise your kitty (play without PetzA sliders) and
    document the process on the forum of your choice, or on the DG discord.
    We want to increase interest in this slow-down, community-building method of playing!
  • Keep Rho in the prefix if you decide to show
  • For this litter, do not rename or gender swap
  • MPA or return to me if no longer wanted
  • Use the comments section of the application to further describe your thoughts/plans


Blaise Juliette   |  Laval  Toulouse  Amelie

Application Form