Ragnar was my last crew pup born in 2020 and his name is evocative of the Norse great battle at the end of time. Yeah, 2020 felt like that! 

Name: SGCh. Rho’s Sword of Justice  (Ragnar)
DOB: December 27, 2020
Points/average: 31 (3.1)
Lineage: Viggo x Lior

Show Record:
Funfetti’s EBW Dane @WW #3 – 3rd
ParanoiaPaige’s EBW Dane @WW #20 – HM
Arie’s EBW dane show #178 – 3rd
Thor’s EBW Dane Pose Show #35 – 1st
ParanoiaPaige’s Standard Dali #47 – 2nd
Zan’s EBW Dane Show @WW #2 – 1st
Commander’s EBW Dali Show #190 – BIS
Salem’s EBW Dane Show #3 – 3rd
Commander’s EBW Dali Show #191 – 2nd
Arie’s standard dali show #112 – BIS

SGCh. on 23-Jan-21

“The sword of justice is swift and sharp.”