I unearthed Malachi from an external harddrive recently and was so happy to find him! He was from my old Petz days, from one of my last friends of the PC at the time, Jeni who owned Innocence. We used to chat on AIM all the time! Anyways, Malachi has such fun old lineage including dogs from Petz Mirage, Chinook, Salem (!) and Starswept, who coined the term Tamsin in the first place. What a nice piece of PC history this pup is. And also special to me because he is my 100th pet to become a SGCh since returning in 2020!

Name: SGCh. Rho’s Mission or Message (Malachi
DOB: December 4, 2002
Points/average: 50 (3.34)
Lineage: Jeni@Innocence

Show Record:
Salem’s EBW Tamsin Show #5 – 1st
Salem’s EBW Tamsin Show #6 – BIS
Salem’s EBW Dali ONLY Show #2 – 1st
Funfetti’s EBW Dali @WW #9 – 1st
Arie’s standard dali show #121 – 3rd
Salem’s Standard Dali ONLY #12 – HM
Arie’s EBW dali show #248 – BIS
Alex’s Dali Pose Show 2.23.21 – 1st
Funfetti’s EBW Dali @WW #11 – BIS
ParanoiaPaige’s EBW Dali @WW #35 – 3rd
Salem’s Standard Dali ONLY #13 – 1st
Vixie’s EBW Dali Pose Show #2 – 2nd
Alex’s Dali Pose Show 8.10.21 – 3rd
Salem’s Standard Dali #42 – HM
Funfetti’s EBW Dali @WW #37 – 1st

SGCh. on 25-Feb-21