2012 Everyday

What the Gladsome Tidings Be

January 25, 2012

The good news is rolling in… Tom got the job! Now he is not only handsome, but a handsome concept artist. This is such a happy relief to us! It was probably the hardest step towards our new life in Edmonton, and now it’s real. Very exciting!

In other news, over Christmas, Mike sealed the deal of my waffling over whether or not to buy a hammered dulcimer of my own by figuring out how to play Angels Interlude. I previously imagined would be impossible to ever learn. But it was a perfect moment, one you could never hope to accomplish by planning it! He had his dulcimer set up on the dining room table and I breezed in and played a horrible by-ear rendition of the melody, laughed, and put the hammers down. Well, he just picked them up and proceeded to play the whole song, perfectly and beautifully, as a surprise to me. What a great present: reassurance and determination!

Anyways, I ordered my own dulcimer and it arrived a few nights ago. I love it! It even has some floral insets so it looks like something an elf would play. I also have some cool hammers in the mail. I hope I make more progress with this than I did with guitar, but I think I will.




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