Grade 9

The Gay Superhero

January 18, 2001

Today at lunch, Janice and I were planning on interviewing option teachers for computers. Originally, we were going to go into the staff room, But Mrs. Macdonell was on supervision and advised against that. We were in the foyer debating whether to interview Mr. Hagen or Mr. Aman for computers. We decided on Mr. Aman after Mrs. Macdonell’s input. I told her about when Mr. Aman was making fun of her Ebay jacket, and she told me that when she got it, they were in the staff room and Mr. Aman put on her coat and said something about a gay superhero. I promised her that I’d ask him if he’d ever had dreams about being a gay superhero. When we were done interviewing Mr. Aman, I asked him the question, and he was like, “umm.. no.” I said, “are you sure??” And he nodded and said “yes, very sure…” and then he kinda figured it out and says, “Mrs. Macdonell, right!? Grr!! Oh yeah? Well, ask her if she’s ever been to an Ebay Anonymous meeting!! She buys her lunch off of Ebay, you know!” I didn’t know if I’d see her again today since I’d already had in LA third period, but as it turned out, I caught her on her way to her class when I was waiting outside of social.

In social, me and Gill Klassen traded desks (part of the whole Gillette thing) to see if Mrs. McLean would notice. She didn’t though, so we’re going to keep doing it until she does! I’m going to miss Jr. High!




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