Grade 9

Real Live Blonde

January 17, 2001

In computers, we’re doing PowerPoint presentations (gee, never heard of PowerPoint before!) and me and Janice decided to interview teachers for our presentation.

In LA we marked essays. Most of the ones I marked weren’t great. But I got my own back and I got a good mark, so I’m very happy about that. And while we were kinda discussing what we found while marking essays, Kris Mason put up her hand and Mrs. Macdonell called on her, and Kris said, “Okay, I was thinking…” and Mrs. Macdonell’s like, “Oh, everyone give her a hand!” so we were all applauding. Then Alex said, “Guys, don’t clap too loud or Kris’ll forget what she was going to say!” and Mrs. Macdonell said, “Oh, come on! She’s not that blonde! Now what were you going to say?” and Kris just has this blank look on her face and she said ‘err…’ It was so funny!! It was like a real life blonde joke!!

Today was our last day of jiving. I was teaching Mark the back straddle that I learned in Musical Theatre and we actually got pretty good at it. I think we have similar jiving styles so we’re a well matched pair. At dance we learned a new song. We’re going to be doing the Lion King as our theme.




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