2012 Everyday

Stars Are Brighter in a Desert Sky

January 16, 2012
No need to wonder (or justify)
where this will lead.

I’ve been meaning to get better at the everyday reporting (like I used to be when I was in jr. high.) But that shouldn’t be too hard, because these days are good and exciting. Tom and I have been spending our cuddly evenings watching all the Lord of the Rings bonus features. It’s staggering the effort that went into those films. It makes me even more excited to see The Hobbit at the end of this year, because they will only have gotten better. And (if possible) it makes us even more hopeful and anxious that working at BioWare will happen for him. Working a dream job is something few get to do, but he would do it so well.

Last week I was planning on going to Deerfoot Mall with my mom, only to discover that my car just wasn’t starting. Was the battery really dead again? Even though I got a brand new one just last year? The thing is, it was possible due to the amount I drive (or rather, don’t drive) the thing. When was the last time? Had I driven since Christmas? Hard to say.

In any case, mom drove us to the mall where Tom called me with happy news: Kate’s baby was on the way. Oh boy, did I go nuts. I checked my phone all the time for updates but it wasn’t until later that I learned of Scarlet Paige Rhodes, the sweet babe born healthy and beautiful.

Last Wednesday I went to physiotherapy again for my back/shoulders and am pretty happy with the progress. I don’t have the constant achy burn in my shoulders that I’ve had for a long time now. And I guess I’ve been having fewer headaches.

I went to my parents’ last Wednesday to pick up my car. They saved me yet again by removing the battery to charge it enough that the car will start, and then taking it into the shop. Thank you, dad and mom! The good news is that the battery was drained but not ruined. After a modest fee, I have a working car and a “prescription” to simply drive it more often.

This weekend we went up to Edmonton to meet the cute baby Scarlet and she was even sweeter and tinier in person than she looked in pictures. She makes me so happy.




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