If Your Goal is Plain Survival

May 18, 2011
  Well, then be clever
     not beautiful

Now that June’s on the near horizon (it may as well be tomorrow for how fast these days are going), I’m going to try this year to be ready for it. For me it is notorious for being the busiest month. Last year I was so close to my wits’ end that by the twenty first I was deliberately and unabashedly bawling while watching the Land Before Time to release all my pent up tension. Looking back at the calendar though, that June doesn’t seem especially more busy than all my months lately have been. Maybe it felt worse than it was. Or maybe I just got used to it.

In any case, I’m going to get the jump on it this time by being very intentional about having at least one evening a week on which I can stay in and just get caught up on laundry and have some time to reflect on everything. And starting now I’m going to eat more healthy so that I feel great for June (although this nacho binge has been fun.)

I got nominated to be the church secretary but I think I will probably decline that. Most weeks I spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening at church already so I think adding to that will only make me feel like my time is stretched too thin. Perhaps, one more test of my learning that it’s okay to say no sometimes.

Youth ministry has been so good, though. What does it mean that tonight I am far, far more nervous to drive on Glenmore than I am to defend Mosaic Law to two high school girls? Both I would consider personal growth, and youth ministry kicks my butt in that direction. Amen to that.




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