I Go Nowhere High

June 9, 2011
    I go nowhere warm
until I see your smile and feel your calm

I feel great. June this year is starting a hundred times better than June last year. I actually think that keeping a tidy room is helping, and I also discovered recently that spending an evening shopping alone at Chinook somehow helps me unwind. I think the over-stimulation of a big mall just sets my mind on a different track, and when I went last Thursday I kept striking gold in things unexpectedly ringing in as being 50% (or more!) off. So I got a carry-on luggage for Italy that I adore for $39, marked down from over $100. When I got home I sewed a metal flourish onto it that I got from Beadaholique and now love it even more.

Another thing is that youth group is a tad less stressing this year since small groups are ending a bit sooner and this particular month has been light on the preparation. I’m toying with the idea of stepping back from Friday events next semester to focus on small groups and more random coffee dates with the girls. The one with Shailyn & Banu last month was great apart from getting lost (very lost) between Shailyn’s house and Banu’s. I freaked out but we found our way eventually. I hope she didn’t think I was mad at her. I only hate being lost; it’s an awful feeling. But all I need to do is keep driving that path until it’s second nature and stress-free like my figurative driving rut between my house, church and my parents’ house. Yes. Be brave!

If this weather keeps up, I’m going to frisbee tonight for the first time this year!




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