Volans is named after the flying fish constellation and his show name Lost at Sea is the english translation of Icelandic “Sæglópur” (by Sigur Rós) which I was listening to at the time of naming him. Volans is a first generation hexie that someone must have given me in 2001– I wish I would have been better about keeping track of that sort of thing back then! Volans always has absolutely gorgeous babies with Lapis and he is my first cat SGCh in twenty years. He sailed through 8 shows. Good job Volans!

Name: UGCh. Rho’s Lost at Sea (Volans)
DOB: February 28, 2000
Points/average: 53 (3.79)
Lineage/origin: first generation hex

Show Record:
Rose’s EBW Catz Pose Show #14 – BIS
Rose’s Standard Catz Pose Show #10 – HM
Commander’s EBW Catz Show #191 – BIS
Alex’s Catz Pose Show 5.28.20 – 2nd
Arie’s EBW catz show #134 (WW) – 1st
ParanoiaPaige’s EBW Catz #13 – BIS
Midnightwolf’s EBW Cat Show #33 – 1st
Rose’s EBW Catz Pose Show #28 – 1st
Salem’s EBW Catz #25 – BIS
Arie’s EBW catz show #219 – 1st
Funfetti’s Random Petz Pix @WW #1 – 2nd
Salem’s EBW Catz #23 – 1st
DTRH’s Random Petz Pix Show #2 @WW – 1st
Commander’s EBW Catz Show #280 – 3rd

SGCh. on 09-Jun-20