Cute Varya! Another external harddrive find. Twelve-year-old me liked collecting hexed calicos.

A lake of gold in the desert sand, 
is less than a cool fresh spring. 
And to one lost sheep, a shepherd boy,
is greater than the richest king.
—Through Heaven’s Eyes (Prince of Egypt)

Name: SGCh. Rho’s Lake of Gold (Varya)
DOB: December 16, 2000
Points/average: 37 (2.47)
Lineage/origin: first generation hex

Show Record:
Rose’s EBW Catz Pose Show #33 – 3rd
Commander’s EBW Catz Show #200 – 3rd
Arie’s EBW catz show #143 – HM
RQ’s EBW “RCh Starter” Catz Pose Show #1 – 3rd
Alex’s Catz Pose Show 10.8.20 – HM
ParanoiaPaige’s Standard Catz #29 – 3rd
ParanoiaPaige’s EBW Catz #45 – HM
Ratqueen’s EBW Catz Pose Show #291 – 2nd
Arie’s EBW catz show #157 – 2nd
ParanoiaPaige’s EBW Catz @WW #14 – 1st
ParanoiaPaige’s EBW Catz #47 – 2nd
Rattlesnake Catz Show EBW #77 – 2nd
ParanoiaPaige’s Standard Catz #33 – 2nd
ParanoiaPaige’s EBW Catz #48 – BIS
Ratqueen’s EBW Catz Pose Show #294 – 3rd

SGCh. on 29-Oct-20