Kyre from Zan is another one of my super valuable breeders, especially when I was trying to breed lots of Thomasins. He was one of my first halfies so he helped a lot!

Name: SGCh. Rho/Zan’s Malvern Hills (Kyre)
DOB: June 30, 2020
Points/average: 30 (3.34)
Bred by: Zan

Show Record:
Arie’s standard dali show #89 – 3rd
Arie’s standard dali show #90 – HM
Kayota’s EBW Dali @ WW #1 – 1st
Kayota’s Anything Goes EBW #1 – BIS
ParanoiaPaige’s Standard Dali #27 – BIS
ParanoiaPaige’s Standard Dali #28 – 2nd
ParanoiaPaige’s Standard Dane #22 – 1st
Commander’s EBW Profile Show #123 – 3rd
ParanoiaPaige’s Standard Dali #31 – 1st

SGCh. on 01-Nov-20