Kohl has lots of dark colours so his name is a homonym of “coal”. His show name Under in the Dark was adapted from the spoken portion of the song And Then I Woke Up by Owsey. If memory serves, he was originally from Kasperz Hexperimentz, a first-gen hexie. So handsome!

Name: SGCh. Rho/KH’s Under in the Dark (Kohl)
DOB: May 13, 2001 
Points/average: 30 (2.73)
Lineage/origin: first generation hex (KH)

Show Record:
ParanoiaPaige’s EBW Catz #12 – HM
Rose’s EBW Catz Pose Show #23 – HM
Rose’s EBW Catz Pose Show #25 – 1st
Commander’s EBW Catz Show #195 – BIS
Arie’s EBW catz show #138 – HM
Rose’s Standard Catz Pose Show #19 – 2nd
Thor’s EBW Cat Pose Show #76 – BIS
ParanoiaPaige’s EBW Catz #19 – 3rd
ParanoiaPaige’s EBW Catz #20 – 3rd
Thor’s EBW Cat Pose Show #80 – 1st
Ratqueen’s EBW Catz Pose Show #261 – 3rd

SGCh. on 18-Jun-20