Grade 8

The Beginning

May 2, 2000

This is it: my first journal entry! Ms. Gobeil came back from the SALTS trip yesterday and got kinda mad at us ’cause I think the sub left bad notes about us. I think Ms. Wong just wanted to get us into trouble. The baddest thing I did was eat a sucker during a movie. She was threatening to call all of our parents but Sarah and I didn’t got a call home. Heh.

The CBE website got hacked with a virus a few days ago so Wilma Hansen is without internet, however we can still use the computers because we run our own network so we don’t rely on CBE for anything but internet.

Me and Veronica and Kristen might go to South Center someday. I watched the Green Bay video’s yesterday night and Zap and Boom are soo funny! Celebrity Millionaire was on last night and it was pretty funny! Today we made cinnamon buns in home ec. and I brought the bag to math and Mrs. Terenta said I couldn’t eat them, even though I wasn’t even planning on it. Then she went on telling me how her daughter made cake and supper all from scratch and how great of a cook she is. At least it cut into learning time a bit! Today was a good day.


May 3, 2000



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