Grade 12

So Sick

May 25, 2004

Aughh… so sick. I hate this… being sick, that is. Gross cold and ear infection. I didn’t go to school today and it is Tuesday so if I have to stay home again tomorrow, I’ll technically have only missed two days of true school even though I won’t have been in the building for a full week. Since… Thursday was grad and almost no one went on Friday anyway and Monday was a statutory holiday. So Tuesday and Wednesday. Yup. I was intending last night to go to school this morning but when I kept on waking up in the night at one hour intervals, feeling increasingly crappy each time, I decided not to go… I’ll spare the details of the morning but… it was so not cool.

So instead of double math I watched hours and hours of 24, and what would make Mark the most angry is that I’d watch one episode and then watch it again with the audio commentary, and then again with the deleted and alternate scenes. So even though I watched hours and hours of 24, I only saw three episodes today. I’m halfway through the series now. I love watching hours and hours of 24. ♥

I’m feeling rather incoherent at the moment. Yeah. The last time I was this sick was in January of grade ten… antibiotics and all that stuff. I can’t remember how much school I missed that time but I think it was only four or five days… I guess that would be a week though. Maybe four days, yeah. Or three and a half.

On Sunday I saw Van Helsing with Katie and Kim and it was great, and Katie and I watched Gilmore Girls before we went. Also great—

Oh my gosh, how could I forget!? Ahhh 24 season three finalé is in four hours!! Ahhhh!! Ok ok the people who had better not die are: Jack, Michelle, David, Tony and Kim. Anyone else I can live without!


May 29, 2004



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