Grade 12

Painted Black

May 31, 2004

Today… a borderline annoying day. Well, some parts more annoying than others, that’s for sure. I could tell things would not go well for me today when this morning I accidentally dropped a jar of black paint and it got all over the floor and Jess’s white pants. I felt so incredibly bad about it, but as it turns out, she wasn’t too mad at me so that is definitely a good thing. Still, I could have done without destroying someone’s pants today.

Then all of the grade twelves had to practice lining up in alphabetical order (it is very hard, make no mistake…) and walking into the gym. Although our last names start with the same first two letters, Katie and I were in different hallways, which sucked hardcore. And even while we’re all bored to start with, someone decided it would be a good time to show the huge conglomerate of crappy multimedia projects to the entire graduating class.

I just wish I would have been there when Mr. Henderson had this blinding epiphany—”yes, we should take all of the grade twelve’s first time Flash projects, mash them all into one file and then make a gym full of people watch no less than eighteen minutes of it.” I would have slapped him so hard, at which point he may have come to his senses and thought twice about this terrible mistake. The audience was all either vastly bored or wishing to sink into the floor.

However, all would be forgiven if the Flames won tonight. ♥


May 29, 2004



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