Grade 12

Mom Claws

May 10, 2004

Alright, so I feel like total crap right now. I was watching 24 just after having had a shower and my mom and I decide to test out hairstyles for grad. What I had in mind was a style not unlike Erika’s from Underworld (ignore that I’m a huge flaming dork for the moment), so she French braids the top part and then asks to curl the rest of it into ringlets. I said fine, reluctantly because I wasn’t picturing myself at grad in ringlets, for the love of God. But we tried them anyways and after telling her that they just weren’t my style and I’d prefer just having it curled at the ends, she went absolutely freaking mental on me. I feel like, for once, I know what Katie must have to deal with at times. I am officially making the biggest mom-claws ever right now.

She’s gallivanting all around the house, livid that I don’t share her opinion, muttering “why do I even tryyyy” and just a minute ago we came downstairs to ask my dad’s opinion, but of course he’s too nice to say that anything looks bad on me. In her own words, I’ll look like shit if I go to grad with my hair remotely straight, and I’ll be the only one in attendance who thinks it looks pretty. My dad came to my defense at that point, and presently they are upstairs and I’m hearing a lot of stomping. She was complaining about how much we’ve spent on my grad already, and that makes me pretty angry. I am aware of the insane amount of money it takes to do this whole stupid grad thing, but I know people who have spent easily triple what we have so far. But that seems not to matter since she’s “washed her hands” of my graduation, whatever the hell that means. And only hours earlier today, I was thinking about how I never get into fights with my mom about stupid things. I guess this is part of the mother and teenage daughter job description, except that in my case I have the support of my father and brother and cat, who is right now hiding under a table.

This came out of no where. I’m so confused.




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