Grade 12

Anger as Beauty

May 14, 2004

Things have calmed down a bit here since Monday. After talking to my friends, it seems that their mothers are also prone to the occasional spontaneous combustion; but does that make me feel better or worse? In any case, I haven’t brought up the topic of grad hairstyles with her, though the banquet is less than a week away…

I went to that work experience lunch thing yesterday. Aw man… I so should not have gone, just for one reason. Only three people from my school went to this: myself, a nice kid in grade eleven working in the culinary arts program, and another person… Rex. A list of people I’d rather have sat across from for two hours include individuals such as Josef Stalin, Osama bin Laden, Hilary Duff, Saddam Hussein, the Olsen twins and Hitler. She’s good. Subtle, but so obvious. I’ve never met someone so determined to hurt as many feelings as she can each day. I spent a while thinking of a metaphor of sorts I could use to describe her… what I’ve come up with is she’s like a feather, soaked in acid, drawn slowly down your forearm. She’ll talk to me, and I’ll almost feel alright about it, and suddenly she’ll throw in something rather hurtful and eventually I’m left with a scar. Whatever. In a month or two I’ll never have to see her again.

After the whole lunch ordeal and the rest of school was over I went to watch the hockey game at Linda’s house. It was so much fun, especially since we (Linda, Robyn, Cailee and I) went and bought nearly fifty dollars worth of junk food beforehand! The Flames lost the game, but I got to spend the whole evening sitting close to Robyn so what do I care? Heh!

I was running late this morning and for the first time ever I missed the bus to school. My mom had to drive my brother and me, but she didn’t seem too mad about it, so that’s good. For all we did in school today, I may as well have stayed home except that they were handing out report cards. Also, then I would not have been able to sit in the art room during my spare and I love doing that. Katie needed help with her French homework and I tried it… it’s been so long since I did a worksheet on pronouns and indirect objects, I kind of doubt I was much help but she’ll be so good at that stuff after this summer. She’ll be bilingual far before me, mark my words.

My brother had his birthday party at a computer place, I forget the name but it was pretty much like the internet cafe we went to in Greece, athough the one in Athens was way cooler.




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