In The Trail of Fire

January 18, 2010
I’ll burn before you bury me
Set your sights on the sun

Days are rushing by still even though December is over. What gives?

Christmas was great this year! We went to Derek and Yolayne’s (Josh came too) and it was fun times there as usual. We even played Pictionary, and Kim let her bunny hop around while we were in the den, so cute! We Boxing-Day-shopped at Park Place and were actually able to find Munchkin. That’s one awesome thing about Lethbridge, they often have stuff that’s always sold out here.

For New Years, Kristen and Rob rented a chalet in Canmore and Josh and I went up there for two nights along with Drew, Dave and Kim. We also went to Banff where I bought adorable raccoon mittens and a hat, and then we went to an Irish pub.

January has been good so far. I’ve even made some new friends (or, potential friends) and also gotten my first design job of the year: more business cards. Archery has been tough going since getting my new bow. It is such a tank that I’m actually going to have to work out in order to be able to use it. I’ve lost two arrows so far (one shot through a sheet of metal) and broken another, because I am so unused to the power of the bow. But I’ll keep at it. Really I should be glad to have something to work towards. I was getting only moderately accurate on the rental bows because, since it was a different bow each time, I get to get used to it all over again. Now that I have my own, it’s one less variable to account for. One guy I’ve seen at archery twice has a traditional bow, too. He can pull back that string like it’s nothing and is deadly accurate. So that’s what I aspire to. Actually, one of my new year’s resolutions is to be able to string my bow without a stringer. Right now, even with the bow stringer, it takes me so much effort that I’m nearly panting by the time I actually do it. Very pathetic to watch, I’m sure.

Mom and dad are a few days away from coming home from their holiday in Mexico. I’m pretty excited to see their pictures but mostly I’m excited to see them!




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