I Guess This is All Fragile

February 17, 2010
Things that look so fiercely purposeful
    and permanent are, in the end,
  just bits of our future sentimentalism.

These last few weeks I’ve been getting together one-on-one with some friends over lunch or coffee and it’s been great. It dawns on me over and over that relationship is one of the main joys of my life.

I’m aiming for February to be my “suck it up and do all the recurring things I hate doing” month. So last week I went to my bank appointment and made an RRSP contribution, tomorrow I have an eye appointment, and today I’m getting a haircut. Good haircuts are awesome when they’re done, but I always put off making an appointment because going into salons kind of puts me on edge. The type of girls who made me uneasy in high school, the popular, catty, gorgeous ones who have that real judgmental stare? Hair salons are their post-high school lair. At least it seems like that to me. I don’t think I’ve ever felt fully at ease in a hair salon!

Things at work are going pretty well these days. My project right now is re-vamping a PDF Husky manual and I love these kinds of projects because that’s where my strengths are. For the last couple months I’ve been doing a lot of “here’s a bunch of Word documents, use these to make a training course”, and I suck at that. My side projects at home are going alright too. I’ve got a start on Tristan’s site and have been doing small updates on almost all the others.

The long weekend was epic. On Friday we went to Lloyd’s and then to the Cheesecake Cafe with CnC. Cari and Andy came over afterwards and we watched hilarious Youtube videos and it was great. The next day Josh and I went to the Valentine’s market in Kensington to see Melissa Pederson’s jewelry and to feel trendy! On Sunday a bunch of us went to archery where I actually didn’t suck too badly. We still weren’t able to go upstairs but Zach and I switched off on one lane downstairs and it worked fairly well considering it allowed for a bit of a break in between shoots. And we like breaks now that we’re pulling 40 and 60 pound bows. I am psyched to say that I am actually making my anchor point now… I just can’t hold it long enough to aim. Still, I’ll take any progress as a victory. I didn’t lose or destroy any arrows, but I did show Kristen and Cari my arrow-hole in the metal (that I made the time before) which I am strangely proud of.

After archery we all went to Laser Quest where Zach got first place in both games! Daaaang. I got third and fourth place. Not too bad. It was fun, I always enjoy Laser Quest. After that, Josh and I went to his place and got started making our amazing Valentine’s day dinner. We decided that instead of dealing with over-busy restaurants and reservations, we’re going to cook our own fancy meal for our Valentine’s days. Even though this is my second long relationship, it’s actually the first Valentine’s day that I’ve been in the same country as my boyfriend! So it was pretty sweet, a first for both of us.

Then Family Day at the church was good too. I did some guitar with Karen after lunch and went skating with her and Josh and my mom for a bit before going to my parents’ house for supper and then to D&D. So that was my whirlwind long weekend. Whew!




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