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Gemini Relationships

I Know I Can Love You

December 8, 2010

much better than this; full of grace
my love.
It’s been a good couple weeks. With so many weekly-occurring activities, the time does sort of blend together. I’m slightly more busy…

Gemini Relationships

I’d Better Be Careful

January 28, 2010

That I don’t slip into one more of your little tragedies.
‘Cause that would be no good for me right now.
I’m lost. Josh’s family is confusing sometimes. I’ve gotten what…


Dit l’Étoile,

January 22, 2010

“Permettez-moi d’allumer ma lampe,
et jamais le débat si cela peut aider à éliminer les ténèbres.”
Le tremblement de terre à Haïti m’a beaucoup fait penser aux changements. Tout le monde,…