Why, Why, I’m Still Learning

January 1, 2011
how to trust myself and why, why,
    I turn the other cheek
(hoping maybe you’ll kiss me)

Alex is home! We hadn’t seen her since Easter! We went for girl’s night sushi! It was wonderful! She has a boyfriend! We’re going to meet him in a few months!

Life is exciting; I love Christmas!

I went to Smugglers with Tom Rhodes and had delicious ribs. I think I like that boy. I think he’d call me short-stack and kiss my forehead. (If a boy will kiss your forehead, you already know he’s head and shoulders above the scum who only want your body. Maybe it’s just me, but a kiss on the forehead is one of the most beautifully affectionate expressions.) He decided we should go to Dairy Queen for Blizzards and the only one I could definitely navigate to was the sketchy one in Deer Valley. I told him about its sketchiness, about how I thought he’d feel like donning a cheezie-stained white wife-beater as soon as he walked in. I told him to wink at me if he, too, got the class-less vibes from the place. Well, I hadn’t been in there for some time and (I assume) they are in the middle of renovating. All the paint was scraped off the walls and the greasy smoke was visible in a haze. Tom Rhodes winked at me real good.

On Christmas Eve I went over to mom and dad’s and Mike and I made Justin’s DM present: Diablo-themed gingerbread cookies. I laugh every time I think about them!

Christmas was great as usual this year; we went to the Christmas Eve service and then down to Lethbridge on Christmas day (with an actually-okay lunch of 7-11 toquitos because everything else was closed). All the immediate cousins were there and I expect that’ll become a rarity in the coming years (once everyone’s married), so I really enjoyed that. Laura persuaded me to strawpedo a Corona (which didn’t go nearly as badly as I envisioned) and we spent the rest of the night laughing and playing games. I sure do love Christmas.

In the morning I tagged along on uncle Derek’s legendary Boxing Day doorcrasher run for want of a Bluray player. Mostly it’s just fun to see him in all his Boxing Day glory; I’ve wanted to go for years, but couldn’t bring myself to get up so early without wanting to buy anything specific.

A few days later, Kim and I succeeded in making two chickens and a ton of great vegetables for our magical Christmas potluck, I’m proud of us! Proud of her, she did the directing and chose the recipes. That was a fun night. And so was New Year’s at Kim’s.

Our first youth event of the term was at the Trico Centre and I got the most beautiful feeling at seeing everyone again. I really belong there. It’s completely where I’m supposed to be at this time in my life. True love, girls.

Tonight, Zach and I are hosting a fancy party so I can wear arm gloves and a black dress. Life is good. And life is exciting.




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