When A New Day Reaches Dawn

February 28, 2011
I feel it’s worth the wait

Life has been packed with stuff, but thankfully I got out of that funk I was in a few weeks ago. I want to try to keep March less busy… but things always tend to fill up invariably. Once D&D is over in the next couple months, I’ll have Wednesdays free again, so that’ll help. There is just so much I want to do and a lot people I want to invest time with. I wish that getting rich off the stock market was panning out for me because a spare nine to ten hours per day would lighten the strain!

I need to sleep more. I’m basically convinced that the headaches I get every Monday are a sleep-deprivation thing. In other news, I think it’s pretty unfair that at twenty-four I still get acne like I did when I was fifteen, but my next goal is to eat very healthy while at work. If nice skin is just a matter of eating a whole bunch of fruit instead of chips, I can do that.

Anyways, the last two weeks have been good. I’m definitely starting to value bible study with the Rowes very highly. It’s exactly the exposure I’d been looking and hoping for back when we first started. Having Tom there too just makes it better. Good times. I’m going to be designing the cover for Bob’s book, so I’ll see how that goes.

It’s been a while, but we pinned Mark down and hung out with him! Shopping with Katie and watching Jeopardy with Tom and Cale and Kim was great, too. I feel recharged, friend-wise.

Mom and dad came home from their trip to Mexico, which looked pretty awesome. It’s making me even more excited to go to Italy with the Rhodes’ this fall! I can’t think about it I’m so excited. It’s far away still. On Saturday I went to meet Mel and Big Momma, friends of Tom’s family, and it was nice.

And last but not least, we had a leaders’ meeting which I thought felt great. I love seeing everyone together and getting back on the same page. That was at Jared and Angie’s place so I got to see the boys, too. Caleb has changed so much in the past few months, it’s staggering. And Nathan now says, “actually…” which is adorable. I sure do love those kiddies.

February went fast.




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